Whisteblower Reporting

Whistleblowing: Internal reporting office according to the HinSchG

As a developer of digital therapeutics, aidhere uses state-of-the-art technologies and the latest scientific findings. aidhere stands for modern technology and science and fair dealings with one another. Compliance with legal regulations and internal rules is very important to us. We would like to be informed if employees or third parties whose behavior affects us potentially misbehave. For this we need your help.

Who can report and what can be reported?

All employees and external parties (e.g. customers or business partners) who have become aware of potential violations in the course of or prior to their professional activities and wish to report them can contact our internal reporting office.

However, employees should first try to resolve the matter with the involvement of their line manager, the HR department or the Legal and Compliance team.

What happens after a report?

Every report made via the internal reporting office is handled by our parent company Sidekick Health (Sidekick Health ehf. Vallakor 4, 203 Kopavogur, ICELAND) and recorded in an incident report. This will be forwarded to the Head of Compliance immediately if necessary.

Will I receive feedback?

If you have provided a contact option, you will receive confirmation that the report has been received. If you have provided us with contact details, we will contact you if we have any questions about your report.

Once the report has been processed, we will provide you with an individual explanation of the status of the report and any follow-up measures that have been taken.

Am I protected against reprisals and other discrimination?

The protection of every reporting person from all reprisals and discrimination in connection with a report is both a requirement and an obligation for aidhere. Violations of this are prosecuted and sanctioned.

Abuse of the whistleblower system by deliberately providing false information is not protected.


aidhere protects the identity of all persons associated with the report within the framework of the legal requirements. The disclosure of information that allows conclusions to be drawn about the person making the report is only made with the consent of the person making the report. There are exceptions to this in the cases permitted by law in accordance with Section 9 HinSchG, for example in criminal proceedings at the request of the criminal prosecution authorities.

Information about the identity of persons who are the subject of a report and of other persons named in the report may also be passed on internally to the relevant competent body if this is necessary in the context of internal investigations or for the taking of follow-up measures.


As an ombudsman’s office, Sidekick Health accepts reports. Whistleblowers can report suspected misconduct via the Internet or by telephone. The report can also be made anonymously.

To submit a report via the Internet, please go to https://whistleblowersoftware.com/secure/sidekickhealth and follow the instructions there.

External reporting offices of authorities

The whistleblower is free to contact the external reporting offices of the Federal Government at the Federal Office of Justice, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and the Federal Cartel Office directly, as well as the external reporting offices of the federal states if they exist and are responsible. The external reporting office is responsible for dealing with information submitted in this way and for compliance with the provisions of the Whistleblower Protection Act.

aidhere is now part of Sidekick Health!

We’re thrilled to announce that aidhere officially has become a part of Sidekick Health, a global leader in digital health innovation, based in Reykjavik, Iceland, with offices in Berlin, Stockholm and the US!

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